Our Top Five Rolex YouTube Videos

We’re sticking with the video theme again on this latest blog post. Our last post was about Rolex TV adverts and now we give to you our top five YouTube videos that are related to Rolex watches.

5. A Look Inside The Rolex Factory

At number five is a video by Rolex. It takes you inside their factory and gives you insight into the precision technology that’s being used on the one of the world’s finest watches! Unfortunately the video is in French but still enjoyable even if you don’t speak the language.

4. Roger Federer Every Rolex Tells a Story

Fourth position is Roger Federer showing some of his watches and explaining the story behind each one. We like Roger here at Rolex Watch Trader and that’s why we’ve included him in our top 5 YouTube Rolex videos.

3. Making of Rolex Deepsea Challenge with James Cameron

A very well put together video by Rolex featuring James Cameron. The epic music suits the visuals perfectly and it’s just a great video to watch. We loved it and it truly deserves our number three spot.

2. Tiger Woods meets the Sky-Dweller by Rolex

Yes we’ve mentioned that we like Roger Federer. Did we mention that we also like Tiger Woods. The combination this golfing legend together with the amazing Sky-Dweller puts this video from Rolex at our number two spot.
Note the huge genuine smile on Tiger’s face as soon as the watch clicks on his wrist.

1. New Rolex GMT-Master II

The simply epic Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II and a promo video of an equally epic quality puts this YouTube clip at the top of our list. Enjoy!

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