John Mayer Sues Watch Dealer For Counterfeit Rolex

John MayerTo have dated the gorgeous Katy Perry some may consider John Mayer as a lucky guy. However, luck hasn’t always been on John’s side. It seems John is suing a Rolex watch dealer for Rolex watches that he bought. The watches turned out to be fake after John had requested a repair on one of the watches back in 2010.

John has spent in total $3 million on Rolex watches with the Los Angeles dealer, Robert Maron, who is a well known ‘watch dealer to the stars’.

We use the term ‘fake Rolex’ to describe the pieces bought by John Mayer however, ‘Frankenwatch’ would be the correct terminology to use in this scenario.

A Frankenwatch is a term used in the watch industry to describe vintage and prestige watches that have been tampered with to add components that are not authentic.

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