How To Sell A Rolex Watch

Rolex Submariner and pound sign

So you’ve decided that your old Rolex is not worth keeping any more? Or maybe you are short for cash due to all the Christmas shopping and spends. Whatever your reason, it couldn’t be any easier now to part with your once beloved watch. Feel free to follow the steps we’ve outlined for you below so that you can make the process of selling your Rolex as stress free as possible.


1. The first thing you should do is identify your Rolex – it’s exact model and it’s age. There are two ways of doing this. The first is the most obvious way – simply refer back to your Rolex’s paperwork. However, if you do not have the official documents you may need to get your hands dirty a bit and release the bracelet from your watch. Please be advised that you will do this at your own risk and we will not be held liable for any damage caused as a result of you taking off the bracelet from your Rolex. If you feel brave enough to do this then read on.

Firstly you will need a paper clip. Then take a good look at the part that connects your watch to it’s bracelet. If your Rolex is a closed lug style, looking at the watch from the side, you will not see the pin that holds the watch and bracelet together. Turn your watch over so that the watch face is facing away from you. You will see the exposed pin at the part where the bracelet connects. Simply press this exposed pin with your paper clip whilst gently pulling the bracelet away from the watch. This will release the bracelet from the watch casing.

If your Rolex is an open lug style, you will be able to see the exposed pin from the side of the watch. Apply the same technique as above and push the pin in with your paper clip to release the bracelet.

NOTE: If you do not feel comfortable performing these actions, you can take the watch to a local jewellery shop or watch repair shop.

Once the bracelet is removed, look at the part of the watch case that the bracelet covered when it was attached on the 6 o’ clock side to find the serial number of Your Rolex. Look at the 12 o’ clock side to find the model number.

There you have it. That’s the first step out of the way and you have now identified your Rolex with it’s model and serial number.

2.  The next step is to contact Rolex Watch Trader and get your Rolex valued. You can either call the shop on 07765 454 585, pay us a visit (be sure to bring some form of ID) or fill in our Rolex valuation form online. Be sure to have your serial number and model ready before making contact and you can also take a picture of your Rolex if you are filling in our online enquiry form.

3. If you bring your Rolex in to the shop, we can give you a price for it straight away. If you agree, we can then give you cash in exchange for your Rolex. If you contact us by other means then we will get back in touch with an offer based on the information you have provided us. Once agreed you will have to bring the Rolex into the shop for a final inspection and exchange.

It’s as simple as that. So stop wondering “how do i sell my Rolex”, start getting it identified and get it valued.

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