Bought By Rolex Watch Trader – The Hulk

Let’s start of by clarifying that we didn’t buy Marvel’s Incredible Hulk, although we are huge
fans. We bought the other Hulk – Rolex Submariner 116610LV.

The Hulk Submariner gained it’s name because of the green bezel and green dial combo. It was
also a combo not to be forgotten either as it has become one of the most wanted modern Rolex
watches since it’s release in 2010.

Replacing it’s older brother, the 50th Anniversary Submariner with black dial and green bezel,
the Hulk Submariner certainly has made an impact amongst Rolex enthusiasts.
It is without a doubt one of our personal favourites and we are proud to have bought such a
great timepiece.

Enjoy the pictures and please feel free to leave your comments.

Rolex Hulk Submariner in box

Rolex Hulk Submariner close up

Rolex Hulk Submariner side view

rolex hulk submariner side far away

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